CFOG's PIP, October 1987, Volume 5 No. 12, Whole No. 60, page 1

President's Message

There are three new developments which were discussed and approved at the latest board meeting. These policies have financial implications, both for members and for the long term survival of CFOG.

1. Annual Dues Assessment

The board decided to alter the Annual Dues structure, effective immediately.

Annual dues will now be $24.00 per year (or $6.00 per pro rated quarter for new members). There will be a $4.00 discount for dues paid or postmarked by January 31st. The net effect will be to keep annual dues the same for renewing members who do not procrastinate. The new member dues will be fairer (read lower).

Dues for new members who join after mid-year will be for 18 or 15 months in advance. For example if a new member joins in July the annual dues will be $32.00.

First Month Amount Paid Until
Jan - Mar $24.00 End of year
Apr - Jun $18.00 End of year
Jul - Sep $32.00* End of next year
Oct - Dec $26.00* End of next year

* Note: Pro rated current year +$24.00 next year -$4.00 prompt renewal discount.

Current members are not eligible for pro rated dues unless their membership has lapsed for a full year.

New member diskettes will be free to new members who pick them up at a meeting, otherwise there will be a $2.00 media and handling fee. (See item 3. below.)

2. FOG Rebates

Since the current financial status of CFOG is not as stable as we would like it, the board has decided not to apply the FOG rebates for FOG members for this renewal period. I personally hope that some of our other cost cutting measures will enable us to reinstate the rebates in future years.

3. Diskettes by Mail

As a service to our members, we will supply copies of any disk in our library to members by mail for $1.00 per disk. A disk means a disk: the CFOG library is organized in units that generally include two 'logical' disks on one physical disk because the original basis of the library was single density. But you can only get the two 'logical' disks that are on one physical disk for the price of one. There will also be a handling charge of $1.00 per order. These copies will be mailed to the member. Orders should be sent to CFOG, Box 1678, Chicago, IL 60690.

Disk copying for mail orders will be done at monthly meeting, generally the Downtown meeting, sometimes the Sunday meeting. There will be no 'rush' service.

This will not preclude our members from making "free" copies on their own media at meetings but will make the library available to anyone too busy or too remote to do the copying themselves.

NOTE: Members who want copies from the FOG library must be verified FOG members.

Well that's the BIG NEWS for this month. If anyone has any comments or discussion they have three options:

  1. Visit a board meeting. They are open to all members. (There is a charge and an RSVP required if you want pizza).

  2. Comment at a monthly meeting.

  3. Tell me. I'm accessible by telephone, sometimes modem, and by mail. I even call the CFOG Bulletin Board when I can get through.

Rand Gerald, President